June 25, 2020
Balsamic Isn't Just For Dipping

Here in the UK the ‘dip’ of olive oil and balsamic is still offered in some restaurants prior to a meal, but not so in Italy these days.

Yes, a drizzle of really good Extra Virgin Olive Oil on bread perhaps..but no balsamico!

It really is worth buying a good balsamic, although it’s expensive. A ‘real’ balsamic vinegar, believe it or not has NO vinegar in it, or any other additives.

When you’re next in the supermarket, take a look at the back labels on the balsamic bottles, there will be very few, if any, with no added vinegar.

So, instead of using Casa Sant Elia’s Traditional Balsamic as a dip, here are a few other suggestions.

Drizzle it on grilled or roasted beef and chicken.

Tagliato di Manzo is a popular dish in Italy, Strips of beef, on a bed of rocket with some shavings of Parmesan, all brought to life with a drizzle of balsamic...such a simple dish, and easily made at home.

A drizzle over a tomato, mozzarella and rocket salad is delicious.

A little over a ragu, casserole, or vegetable pasta dish before serving, just heightens the flavour.

And don’t forget strawberries and balsamic, they complement each other so well.

A really good balsamic, is really on another level, a regular comment on ours is that “it tastes like sherry, I could drink it”

Which brings me to, it’s a good digestivo, the friend who produces Casa Sant Elia’s balsamic, regularly ‘downs’ a teaspoonful after a meal....it really is delicious.

We suggest tasting a little of our Balsamic vinegar off a spoon before you start using it, you will then appreciate the flavour....but sip it!

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