March 6, 2020
Wedding Inspiration 2019

If you are planning your 2019 wedding and looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. I wanted to share some key emerging trends for 2019 weddings aiming to inspire you, give you some ideas and get those creative juices flowing for your special day. Trends are showing everything to be much more minimalistic, bringing the outdoors in (if you aren’t planning on celebrating outdoors), and creating a much more intimate and personal event.


Coral colours
Pantone has announced it's colour for 2019 is a bright, sunny, pinky-orange named 'Living Coral'. It’s a cheery tone that's absolutely perfect for weddings and a great one to incorporate into a sunny summer outdoor wedding from coral coloured flowers, bridesmaids dresses, cakes, makeup and colour schemes.

The classic wedding dress
2019 sees the return of classic designs and simple styles. For this style, tailoring is key, as is finding the right silhouette to suit your shape. I absolutely love these picks of classic, timeless dresses in Brides.

Illustrated Invitations
Your wedding invite is one of the first things people will see from your impending wedding, and it is your chance to show people what they can expect. Hand- illustrated wedding invites are set to be a real trend for 2019. You can really personalise your stationary and create some really unique designs. If you are having a destination wedding, you could even have an illustration produced of your venue.


Grazing tables
Instead of or as well as traditional canapés, grazing tables (which can feature anything from cheeses, meats and fruits), are presented like works of art, ensuring your guests never go hungry and can help themselves, providing lots of cool photo opportunities.

Fruits, seeds and grasses
For 2019 weddings are set to be 'bringing the outdoors in', using fruits, seeds and grasses as decorations. Think textured bouquets and buttonholes which include fruits, seeds and grasses. You can create a really romantic/ rustic and organic feel to arches and aisles with grasses. It’s these small details that make your décor really individual.

Turn-Down Service
If you're having a destination wedding, you could leave your guests with little personalised favours in each of their rooms.

Mini Wedding Cakes
Mini wedding cakes are a great way to show a bit of personality at your wedding, each cake could be different, or you could personalise each mini cake with your guests names in icing.


Any day of the week
If you are having a destination wedding, then your guests will be taking time off work to attend, so why not take full advantage of this and choose a week day to celebrate, which could then roll over into the weekend with brunch or a barbecue, brining all of your guests back together again.

Videography and Drones
Ensuring you don’t miss a single moment from your special day is now possible with all of the services videographers can offer. If you have a destination wedding, there’ll be a big chance you chose it because of its beautiful location, so a drone camera is a great way to make sure everything from the day (including the stunning views) is captured.

Themed Buffets
We all like to think of ourselves as a bit of a foodie, with so much choice these days, we have all got much higher expectations when eating out or eating at a party. If you are having a destination wedding, choosing a really authentic menu that is real to that country will just add to the ambience and feel to your chosen wedding location.

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