March 6, 2020
Winter Blues

It's so good to see the sun, albeit very cold! Today is known as Blue Monday...January 20th!! supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

The festive period is over, we've either eaten or spent too much, maybe both, and have that awful feeling of failure having lapsed on our New Year resolutions.

This can all help us feel low, less motivated and generally UGH!

Personally, I think the whole of the festive season is a build up to the January Blues. We race around trying to get everything perfect for the 'big day', then come the parties, family get togethers, little sleep, stressful arguments......I could add more 😂

So, when it's all over and the twinkly lights are packed away, and a new decade of unknown begins. Add constantly grey clouds and drizzling rain it's not surprising we feel rubbish.

I then thought, what would I like right now, made a list...and called it allow yourself something you will enjoy.

What about a four-day break in June to INDULGE? OK it's a little while away, but it gives one something to look forward to...sun, healthy food, fitness, peacefulness and time for oneself, I can't wait… Oh I forgot, lots of fun at the fashion outlets with Chloe, our Personal Stylist!

If you'd like to join us please contact us at Casa Sant Elia.

Tomato and rocket salad
Views from the terrace
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Our Ten Tips For Getting Through This Isolation Period


Well, here we go into our second week of isolation, only another predicted 12-14 to go! I think last week was a little trial really, with homeschooling, working from home, and for some a house full of family members. As the weeks go on I’m sure it will all get easier, we’ll get into a routine, become more patient and tolerant...and above, all get super fit and with all our ‘pandemic projects’ done.


Did you hear how much had been spent over the last three weeks on food? AN EXTRA ONE BILLION POUNDS ON SUPERMARKET SHOPPING, this is in addition to what we normally spend! Can you imagine just how much food there is in some homes right now…...worse still, can you image how much food waste there’s going to be!